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Donation of Organs

When someone dies they may wish for their organs to be donated for transplant. This will be more straightforward if they were on the NHS Organ Donor Register, carried a donor card and had discussed the donation plans with their family. Relatives will still be asked to give their consent before donation. Most organ donations come from people who have died while on a ventilator in a hospital Intensive Care Unit.

For more information about organ donation and transplantation, contact:

Transplant Co-Ordinator
Belfast City Hospital

Direct Line: +44 28 90 263846  /+44 28 90 263846      
Switch Board: +44 28 90 329241 / +44 28 90 329241

Donation of the body for medical education or research

Some people may desire for their bodies to be used for medical education or research. If someone wishes to do this they need to make arrangements before they die and tell their relatives. If a body is accepted (and many bodies are not suitable) the medical school will arrange for eventual cremation or burial.

The address of the Human Tissue Authority is:

Professor of Anatomy
Department of Anatomy
Queens' University Belfast
Medical Biology Centre
97 Lisburn Road

Tel: 028 9024 5133 / 028 9024 5133